Robert Atkinson – Your Bankruptcy Specialist!

Sometimes you run into issues that can go out of hands. Bankruptcy is one such emergency like situation where a calm head with professional acumen is required. Robert Atkinson Attorney is one such person in Las Vegas, you’ll be glad to have around when nothing seems to be in control. A professional with almost a 1000 cases under his belt, he is an experienced professional with a calm demeanour that allows him to work the case silently. He starts by studying your case and handles each set of complications, which needed to be dealt appropriately.

Las Vegas is one of the popular areas of the world. Finding a bankruptcy specialist in such a popular city isn’t easy. Yet, Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas has been easily one of the favourites among his clients. To survive such a long career with so many cases is a proof of his skills that have passed the test of longevity. He has worked on both the personal or individual as well as business bankruptcy cases. He understands the nuances that go with each case, and also has the sense of understanding his clients’ situation when under such stress.

Robert Atkinson Attorney’s jurisdiction encompasses most of the esteemed courts including the Supreme Court of the US of A, Nevada Supreme Court, and several other district courts of Nevada. To have his jurisdiction among so many different courts shows his professional skills as well as the reach of his contacts. He has a history of working on solutions, and has dealt with challenges all through his 1000-case old career. By keeping his process simple and transparent, he is able to win client’s trust and this makes clients’ trust him with all the necessary requirements of the case that may otherwise hurt the case if not provided earlier.

He is one of the well-educated attorneys with a B.S. in Physics; Maths and Economics being the Minors from Montana State University. He has also completed his MBA in Finance from Carnegie Mellon University. From the Georgetown University, he finished his J.D. With such high education, he worked on several cases and now Robert Atkinson Attorney is one of the first names that come in the mind when thinking about bankruptcy attorney.

Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas has well over a 100 cases as a counsel for three Chapter 7 trustees in the state of Nevada. With high quality filings, he always ensures to make an easy case with maximized exemptions and avoidance of non-dischargeability actions. He worked at NASA as a physicist in his earlier part of life and also conducted research at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The skills from that part of his career have come in handy as he has developed an eagle’s eye for detail. And this adds to his experience, as one of the most sought-after bankruptcy attorneys in Las Vegas. His professionalism and ease-to-work puts to rest any doubts the client may have had prior to meeting him.

Robert Atkinson – Your Bankruptcy Specialist!