Robert Atkinson – A Reliable lawyer for Bankruptcy matter

If you are caught up in a bankruptcy issue and require a trust-worthy attorney who can efficaciously handle the matter, then do not get rushed and search for a suitable person. Prior to concluding any lawyer, make a through and elaborated research to pick out the best one.

There is a dependable attorney, named Robert Atkinson. He is known as a leading attorney across Las Vegas. He has a great expertise and knowledge in the field. He understands exactly how to handle each case effectively. He has been functional in the field since like years and has helped more than 1000 private as well as bankruptcy cases connected to distinct sections of law like 7, 11 and 13. He follows a clear-cut and transparent approach and tries to get all fine details of the case prior to actual preparation of solution.

It is with his skillfulness and accomplishment that he can even provide solutions to the most complicated bankruptcy case. He knows how to effectively handle a bankruptcy filing. He has prodigious knowledge in handing the complex cases like unsecured creditors’ committees, debtor-in-possession, first-day motions, exclusive filing periods, revealing statements, small business debit or qualification and many others. Robert Atkinson is a trustworthy Attorney for treating your Bankruptcy Matters.

He got a chance to polish his ability in bankruptcy matters, when he got guidance for 3 Chapter 7 Trustee. This also assisted him to know about several aspects like how to increase exemptions, file a case in impressive manner that can assist in professional bankruptcy entry and eliminate non-discharge abilities. He has ample of expertise in real estate and accountancy. This has assisted him in designing and treating all cases in correct way. This known attorney Robert Atkinson reviews has years of experience and this allows him to get flourishing always.

He is a genuine person with a broad prospective and knows how to deal with legal bankruptcy matters. His specific approach of operation and filing case has made him favorite in the industry. With his skills, he has successfully conferred cases in U.S. District Court, Second District Court, District of Nevada-Bankruptcy Proceedings, District of Nevada Civil Proceedings, Clark Country and many more.

He is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced attorneys in the aspects of tangled bankruptcy filings, including first-day motions, the automatic ways and many more. Managing each case personally from start to end is what matters when one has his certification in handling many cases.

Attorney Robert Atkinson reviews are in a positive aspect as he has taken part in more than 200 contract efforts and have provided help to many start-up institutions which were in tons. His credentials lie in fetching the hearts of many people through saving their rights and handling their cases in the correct manner and giving them the best means to come out from the trap of court matters. He has taken part in about 100 law suits for both plaintiff and defendant customer who come for help to him.

Robert Atkinson – A Reliable lawyer for Bankruptcy matter

Robert Atkinson: A Name Synonymous with Bankruptcy Law

Robert Atkinson is a big name in the world of lawyers. Being a brilliant bankruptcy lawyer he has handled scores of bankruptcy cases with great efficiency. He has assisted clients in filing the bankruptcy cases by his in-depth knowledge of the 11th, 7th and the 13th chapters.

From the positive Attorney Robert Atkinson reviews, it is evident that he has emerged as a well-known lawyer for his proficiency in dealing with all the legal cases.

Atkinson has advised his clients in the State of Nevada on the 7th Trustee Chapter. In his career life, he has acquired extensive knowledge on how to effectively and accurately carry out case filings for the purpose of increasing exemptions. He has the technical efficiency of filing tough bankruptcy cases while eliminating the ‘non-discharging’ factions.

With his talent, knowledge and technical know-how Atkinson has developed out-of-the-box strategies for proficiently dealing with bankruptcy cases and bringing a positive outcome to the clients. Robert Atkinson is appreciated for the exemplary style of case representation in the law courts.

With his knowledge, talent and experience he effectually handles the complicated cases that include distinctive periods of filings, in- debt-possession, ‘debtors qualifications’ of the small-sized business, disclosure statements, first day motions, claim proofs, property sale action etc. He has gained remarkable success for his proficiency in dealing with the difficult legal cases.

He earned the B.S. degree in the Physics subject and the minors in the subjects Mathematics and Economics from the reputed ‘Montana University’. From the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University, Robert Atkinson has earned ‘Master’s Degree’ for Business Administration in Finance.

He earned his Doctor’s jury degree from the Georgetown University. The well-known ‘Catholic and the Jesuit Learning Institution’ was established in 1789 in the United States of America.

Robert Atkinson has worked in the accounting and the real estate sectors during his career life. During the initial years of his career, he has worked as a NASA physicist. He carried out remarkable research projects in the well-known Los Alamos National Laboratory. Sincerity, dedication, innovation, and skill make Atkinson an eminent lawyer. All the rave Attorney Robert Atkinson reviews support this.

Robert Atkinson: A Name Synonymous with Bankruptcy Law

Robert Atkinson- The World Class Attorney

Robert Atkinson is one of the most reputed lawyers in Las Vegas. With his rich experience in his long career as an attorney, Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas has dealt with over hundreds of personal filings and bankruptcy cases. He is famous for handling some of the most complicated bankruptcy cases with his technical prowess and unmatched skill. He owns unique talent and strategy to turn the cases in favour of his client and that is the reason behind his exceptional popularity among several satisfied clients. Some complex cases where Robert Atkinson Attorney in Las Vegas shows excellent competency are reorganization plans, avoidable transfers, disclosure statements, top-priority claims, class voting, security interests, trustee actions, lien avoidance, and unsecured priority claims.

Robert Atkinson Attorney in Las Vegas has counselled in over 100 cases for chapter 7 Trustees. He has in-depth knowledge about how to get success in different complicated cases and assures high-quality case filings to better the path of attaining smooth and simple case process. With such finesse to carry out all his cases with equal proficiency, Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas is truly an esteemed name associated with bankruptcy.

Attorney Robert Atkinson Reviews received his Doctor Degree from the renowned Georgetown University. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Physics from Montana State University. He also went ahead to complete his master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University. Before Robert Atkinson started his career as a lawyer, he was also associated with NASA where he was involved in a series of research work and crucial projects carried out in Los Alamos Laboratory.

It is his unique style of presenting cases, unmatched competency in case handling, and comprehensive knowledge in a bankruptcy filing that took Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas to the pinnacle of present day success. He has worked in several courts including Eight District, United States Supreme Court, Judicial Court in Clark County, Second District, Supreme Court in Nevada, and several others. His knowledge, hard work, talent, and dedication have brought him extraordinary success as a legal attorney.

Robert Atkinson- The World Class Attorney

Robert Atkinson – Las Vegas Leading Bankruptcy Attorney

There is no other credible bankruptcy lawyer in Las Vegas than Robert Atkinson. If you wish to come out of the state of insolvency and need a fresh start of financial life, Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas is the man of your choice. Coming out of the state of Bankruptcy with a clean slate is not an easy task. You will need a potent attorney with complete knowledge of the bankruptcy laws, the dealings of the court and a good defense for the allegations made by the creditors. Mr. Atkinson is one such prominent lawyer who dealt successfully with numerous bankruptcy cases.

Do I need a bankruptcy attorney?

It is always difficult to make that call. Most of the clients do not know when they need a bankruptcy lawyer and how an attorney can help them. If you have zero cash flow and debt has gradually mounted up, it is your first sign to check your finances. Take the help of an attorney when you get frequent calls from creditors wanting their money back and when you lose the ability to cover bills. A successful bankruptcy lawyer like Robert Atkinson can evaluate the situation you are in and help you to stabilize the scenario.

Any individual can file up a case for bankruptcy with the need of a lawyer. But you will need a knowledgeable attorney to find which chapter is suitable for your business bankruptcy or personal bankruptcy. Robert Atkinson will go through your finances and finalize the best way to proceed with your bankruptcy case without causing much damage. Not everyone who files for bankruptcy will be approved for insolvency. The debt is either reorganized or minimized based on the person’s case. There are 3 different chapters for dealing bankruptcy cases and Attorney Robert Atkinson Reviews is the best one to judge which chapter filing will suit the client.

For struggling businesses, Atkinson recommends the chapter 11 filing of bankruptcy. Using this one can restructure the business and the debts can be repaid. Some time will be allotted to pay the debts and it will help you to keep the creditors away for the time being. Chapter 13 can be filed for reorganization of debts if you are not eligible for chapter 11 filings. If you are sure that the business cannot continue and you need to terminate it, Atkinson recommends chapter 7 of the bankruptcy law with which you can eliminate the debt. The client can sell his property to clear the debts.

Atkinson helps by maximizing the exemptions of personal property of the clients when filing the bankruptcy. This helps the client to secure some personal and important assets without losing in the legal battle. Atkinson is a brilliant attorney and highly educated professional. His advice helps the clients in bankruptcy, litigation cases and real estate problems too. He maintains a good and trustful relationship with his clients and fights for them until the case is resolved. He helps his clients to get a clean start in finance for the second time.

Robert Atkinson – Las Vegas Leading Bankruptcy Attorney

Attorney Robert Atkinson Reviews – Defines His Success Towards His Work

At the point when confronted with chapters 11, 7 and 13 a standout amongst the most imperative things that one needs to do is finding for a legitimate bankruptcy attorney. There are numerous lawyers who are not knowledgeable in chapters 11, 7 and 13 laws. Thus, it is critical to choose a lawyer who is involved in taking care of chapters 11, 7 and 13 cases. Additionally, the level of experience is an essential aspect to consider when hiring a bankruptcy attorney.

The more experienced they are, the better the possibility of securing an ideal result from the chapters 11, 7 and 13 filing. Likewise, the lawyer needs to have a valid license required to practice in the state in which you require representation of our bankruptcy case.
If you are also looking for the help of bankruptcy attorneys in the US to represent your bankruptcy case in the trial court, Robert Atkinson is the name of the best bankruptcy attorney whom you can trust. He provides legal advice to his clients in each step of the way. He assists his clients how to pay off their debts once a judgment has been made by the bankruptcy court on their matter. Before anything happens though, he makes sure that his clients fully understand the procedure of paying off their debts and get to know what it means for their future. He also advises his clients, if there are other important options available to them.

He is counted as one of the top bankruptcy attorneys in the Las Vegas. With his legitimate skills and knowledge, he has represented 1,000 or more bankruptcy cases for individuals as well as businessmen. He assists his bankruptcy cases under various chapters of laws which include 11, and 13. He is known for filling all kinds of bankruptcy cases with legitimate skills, whilst shielding the rights of his valued clients. He has been fairly appreciated by his current and past clients for his exclusive style of representing cases and can be checked on the internet under the title Attorney Robert Atkinson reviews.

He believes to file a case with full strategy and plan which can only be possible with deep study of the case from starting to the end, since this aids him in tailoring plans for his clients. He does extremely well in assisting complicated bankruptcy cases such as an unsecured creditor committees, trustee actions, first-day motions, relief from automatic stays, proofs of claims, avoidable transfers, use of cash collateral, debtor-in-possession responsibilities, lien avoidance, unsecured creditor committees, Initial Debtor Interviews, reorganization plans, perfected security interests, exclusive filing periods, class voting, disclosure statements, priority unsecured and motions for use or sale of property claims.

He has also advocated for 3 Chapters and 7 Trustee in the state of Nevada over 100 cases. He has gained positive reviews from his past clients online, and one can search them under the title Attorney Robert Atkinson reviews.

Attorney Robert Atkinson Reviews – Defines His Success Towards His Work

Tackling Bankruptcy The Right Way

Bankruptcy can lead to a critical phase of financial disturbance in someone’s life. It occurs when a business or a person is unable to pay the debts, and hence it leads to legal proceedings. In worst case scenarios the debtors’ assets are evaluated and measured to pay for a part of the debt. In big cities, legal help should be judiciously chosen like Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas needs to be responsible enough to handle the case sincerely.

Consequences of bankruptcy.

The overall economy is benefitted when a bankruptcy is filed. It offers the creditors a substantial measure for debt repayment. It also gives the businesses and persons another chance to gain better access to the customers. After the successful completion of the legal proceedings, the debtor is relieved of the obligations of debt that was incurred before filing the case.

Selecting bankruptcy attorneys

Bankruptcy is a specialized section of the law that requires the representing attorneys to have the necessary knowledge and experience in this field. Failing which will lead to putting the case in jeopardy and the client’s assets at risk. Some of the essentials things to look for while searching for an attorney are-

Experience: The first step to find the right attorney to represent the case is to hire an attorney who has long-term experience in bankruptcy laws. Generally, the Las Vegas bankruptcy attorneys advertise themselves on their websites or the yellow pages as per their bankruptcy services. Recommendations should also be considered from people who have already made use of such services.

Local attorneys: If you are searching for legal representatives in the state of Nevada then hiring bankruptcy attorneys in Las Vegas is the best option. They will be well aware of the rules and laws of the local district court which pertain to bankruptcy filings. The attorneys should also be familiar with the district regulations, bankruptcy trustees, and other mandates.

The complexity of the case: Depending upon the complexities of the case the lawyers can be hired like the Henderson bankruptcy attorneys. Some simple cases don’t require the necessity to employ a profoundly experienced lawyer. The more complicated the case, the more charges the lawyers will ask for.

Bankruptcy is a critical matter that is needed to be handled with due diligence. In order hire some of the best legal help make sure to check bankruptcy attorneys in Las Vegas website.

Tackling Bankruptcy The Right Way

Robert Atkinson: A stellar reputation in attorney services

Robert Atkinson offers impeccable attorney services in Las Vegas, Nevada. When it comes to services, Robert Atkinson, Attorney in Las Vegas is famous for his immense knowledge and years of experience in the respected field. He has served numerous clients along with clients from small, medium and large enterprises.

He has successfully filed 100 lawsuits, 300+ contract efforts, and more than 500 Bankruptcy Cases. His tremendous knowledge in chapter 7, 11 and 13 of Bankruptcy law, he is currently the proud owner of State Bar of Nevada Licence under Bar no. 9958 and a lead attorney of the Las Vegas law firm Atkinson Law Associates Ltd.

Employment History of Robert Atkinson:

Principal, A.T Kearney Global Management Consultancy Firm:

In his time at A.T Kearney, Robert Atkinson Attorney of Las Vegas has assisted many large industries in operations, Enterprise restructuring, M&A and Supply Chain. His clients were mostly from renowned Industries such as Retail, Financial Services, Utilities, and Communications. Many Major U.S law firms have benefitted from his expert litigation support. His advice has assisted several U.S based banks and International banks to accumulate billion dollars of fundings. He also acted as a project manager for a global led team of 50 members under him. With his strategic sourcing and outsourcing, he has helped many clients in saving more than $250 in annual spending, over $1 billion in employee cost and over $500m in inventory reductions.

Manager, Deloitte Consulting:

Robert Atkinson has provided several business plans and market entry strategies for his Internet and telecom sector clients. Built discounted cash flow financial models for clients which helps them to make $& billion worth of investment and funding decisions. As a manager, he has shown his performance by working under pressure. In a limited-time environment, he has managed to provide complex data modeling and high volume research.

Physicist, NASA, Los Alamos National Laboratory:

His quality of work at NASA has helped him to obtain a Security Q level of clearance. In his work at NASA, he successfully identified useful materials by using a High-energy Laser that could extend the life of Space Stations.


Attorney Robert Atkinson Reviews, is known for his humble approach with his clients. Working as an attorney for a long time, he is aware of the emotional turmoil; a person has to go through, during his bankruptcy. Not only Robert Atkinson discusses the case with his client with a personal approach, but he also provides his client various financial tips about how to handle his/her financials after winning the case. Robert Atkinson handles his entire client’s case from start to end including simple paperwork. Filing Bankruptcy is quite complicated, even a small spelling mistake during paperwork can lead to a significant error. Mr. Atkinson knows the risk associated with it, so rather than distributing the work among his subordinate, he does all the tasks by himself.

Apart from handling Bankruptcy cases, Mr. Atkinson provides exemplary advisory services in business laws, business litigations and commercial real estates.

Area of Interest:

Robert Atkinson is an avid lover of macroeconomics and financial markets. His other interests include computer architecture, number theory, and cryptography.

Robert Atkinson: A stellar reputation in attorney services